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Generac Propane Generator offer

Some things are worth the wait- An exquisite dessert, a dream vacation to the beach, the love of your life and a great generator offer. OK, the generator example may be a bit of a stretch. However, if you were waiting to buy a reliable backup system to run all the electrical outlets in your […]

Generac Generators can save Lives

You never realize how much you need electricity until you have to do without it. For healthy children and adults, the thought of not having power can be an inconvenience or a nuisance. But for many, having power and electricity can be a life or death situation. Let us tell you a few Generac Generator […]

‘Be Prepared’ and Buy a Generator

In today’s world of connectivity, there are a few constant expectations: we expect things to be quick, and we expect them always to work. Today, people go online to purchase just about anything from clothing to electronics and expect them to be delivered to the door within a few days. Additionally, we rely on things […]

The Power of a Generator

We recently spoke to one of our customers who had a generator installed two years ago. She called to tell us that her power had gone out, and she didn’t know until she left to run some errands around town! She didn’t know she lost power because when the power connection failed, her Generac Generator, […]