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Why is having a Generator important?

If anyone should know about the benefits of having back up power, I should. I’ve been working with Jamiel Yameen, Sales Manager for CM Mose & Son’s and Generac Generator for a couple of years. I’ve written a lot of articles (blog posts) about Generac Generators. I’ve seen his presentation to customers about Generator sizing […]

Are you Prepared for No Power?

The following is information collected from news reports that were seen on NBC Nightly News. These reports were on our aging electrical and power system and the physical attacks, both from snipers and the internet, that is happening in the U.S. Jamiel, with CM Mose and Son and Generac Generator, discusses these reports and what […]

Benefits of a Portable Generator

Getting your feet wet with a portable generator is a great entryway into back up power for your home or business. You may not have lost power very often over the years (or perhaps you have), and you know that with all the bad weather Kansas City has been having, and the fact that other […]