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Emergency Preparedness

You never know what the weather may bring. It’s easy to prepare when you have advance warning for an impending snow storm or the weather report indicates that conditions are right for a possible tornado. What shakes us to the core, are the dangerous events that are not planned, and have no warning signs, like an earthquake […]

What happens if my power supply fails?

That may not be a question you ask yourself very often. If you’re a healthy man or woman who does not rely on medical equipment on a daily basis, this question may have not ever crossed your mind. When a bad storm arises and you may think about saving a steak or two in the freezer […]

Don’t be Left in the Dark

The threat of a winter storm brings joy to some and impending anxiety for others. A few inches of snow may be just what causes a tree branch to snap, taking power lines along with it. Snow storms are not the only cause of power interruptions. Utility interruptions come from underground trenching and boring -for […]