Residential Electrician

Our electricians can install and repair your light fixtures

Need an electrician?  We provide Electrical Services to the homeowners living in Pleasant Valley and around the Kansas City Area. From ceiling fans to swimming pools, C.M. Mose & Son can take care of all your electrical needs.

If you have owned your home for 10 years or more or have purchased an older home, you may have noticed that your light fixtures or lighting in your home are not as reliable as they once were. More than likely they could use an updated look as well. Professional electricians at CM Mose and Son, located in Pleasant Valley, can install or fix your electrical lights, lamps or install a ceiling fan or electrical outlet in your home.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends the review of residential electrical systems ( your home) every ten years by a licensed electrician.

Inspect the light sockets of your older lighting. Is it corroded or does it look like it is less than stable? Is it loose in the fixture? You may have more of a problem on your hands than you know. When evaluating the stability and safety of your lighting we look at all the options. Perhaps it is more economical to replace the aging parts than it is to replace the entire fixture. If you are happy with the way your lighting looks perhaps it is a matter of making sure the light is safe to use. We can help homeowners enjoy the look of the lighting fixtures and enjoy it with safety and adequate function as well.

When it comes to hiring an electrician, our customer service is the best in Pleasant Valley and Kansas City! You will find our service technicians are knowledgeable and friendly. In 1954 CM Mose & Son started in the electrical business and that has been a focus of ours every since! When you do something for that long, you have to be good at it and we are!

Hire an electrician for:

  • standby generators
  • repair GFCI receptacles
  • smoke alarms
  • home or room additions
  • repairs and upgrades
  • light fixture replacement
  • outdoor security lighting
  • attic fans
  • low voltage lighting
  • wire hot tubs
  • swimming pools
  • storm damage repair
  • surge protection
  • check overloaded circuits

An electrician can also install indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. Our electricians install outdoor safety lighting that includes motion detection. Motion detection lighting will brighten a driveway or backyard when the sensors are alerted to a movement in the area. If you are concerned about invaders or would like your driveway area lit on approach making it easier for family members to see when pulling cars into a dark driveway at night, motion detection outdoor lighting equipment can be installed by the electrical lighting pros at C.M. Mose & Son.

Call or contact us today at (816) 781-4707 . We have residential electricians to repair or install your indoor and outdoor electrical outlets and lighting today!

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