Repair & Warranty

Generac Generator repair & warranty service

When you purchase a Generac Generator (8 out of 10 residential generators are Generac Generators), you do it because you want the security of knowing that when your electricity goes out, due to a disruption from your service provider, that your Generac Generator will go to work for you.

We are a factory authorized Power Pro Premier Generac Dealer. What does that mean to you? It means that we are authorized to provide any and all repair & warranty work needed on any Generac Generator. We provide Generac products to our customers who want to purchase a generator because Generac provides a 5-year warranty on their equipment. C.M. Mose & Son is a Factory Authorized Dealer and Repair & Warranty Center for Generac. We employ a number of technicians who are trained to fulfill the warranty promises, should you ever experience a problem with your Generac Generator. Even if we did not install your Generac Generator, we can service the warranty work on your equipment!Trust the good name of Generac when buying a generator and rest easy knowing there is a warranty for the equipment. CM Mose and Son, 6603-E-Royal Street Pleasant Valley, MO 64068 is an authorized re seller of Gnerac Generators .

At CM Mose & Son we only sell the Generac Generators. Nothing else. We are loyal to Generac. That word sums up one of our values, loyalty. We’re loyal to Generac the same way we are loyal to American Standard when it comes to selling air conditioners and furnace equipment. We think Generac is the best and we stand by them.

Buy a Generac Generator and you’re covered with a warranty

You have backup power because you need to rely on electric power. You can also rely on the experts at C.M. Mose & Son in Pleasant Valley to provide a quality name product, like Generac, for your backup Generator Power needs. The 5-year repair & warranty covers the equipment you purchased, no matter who you bought your equipment from.

You trust us and we trust Generac. Call (816) 781-4707 for your Generac Generator Warranty Service and Repair.