A boiler furnace heats water in order to provide either hot water or steam to create heat in the system. Homeowners who have a boiler system to heat their homes prefer the system as it delivers a moist heat in the home as oppose to a drier heat that is emitted with a gas, propane or electric heating delivery system. There are more modern systems that are available for homeowners who prefer to replace their older boiler system with a newer system. This type is called a Condensing Boiler. The condensing system is said to have an efficiency rating of upwards of 98% (depending on the temperature of the water returning to the equipment).

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Very rarely has C.M. Mose & Son installed a boiler system in a home that did not originally have a one to begin with. But that doesn’t mean we won’t! The infrastructure of pipes, baseboard radiators or radiant floor systems that needed to run the boiler system is a complex map of water lines that are needed to deliver the heated air to the rooms or areas in your home. Customers choosing to replace the boiler systems with a new system already have such piping in place for such a system. Boilers are efficient and economical to run but may not be the best choice when evaluating which system to buy when replacing an existing system.

Our Service technicians can repair and service your boiler with expertise and skill!

The difference between a boiler and a furnace

A furnace uses air to heat a home. A boiler uses water to heat the home.

A furnace uses natural gas,propane or electricity to heat the air.  A boiler uses a flame to heat water to create steam for heat.

The AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) for a Boiler or all electric furnaces is between 95-100%. A natural gas furnace has an AFUE  between 80-95%. Which means that 5-20% of the energy/money used to heat the home is lost through the duct system or chimney. If duct work is located in an attic, or garage of another part of a home that is unconditioned, the loss can be up to 35%. An electric furnace and a boiler have no AFUE loss through a chimney.

Homeowners looking to purchase a new furnace should pay attention to the AFUE values for any new equipment they are looking at. The higher the AFUE rating the more energy efficient the system and the better that system will be to heat your home and use your energy dollars effectively.

A boiler can be an economical and efficient choice for furnace heat. Call our Sales Specialist and they can present your options and give you all the information about a boiler, you need so you can make the best choice for your home.

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