Nexia Home Intelligence

Computers and cell phones are everywhere. What we do without them? It is hard to imagine. Being able to apply state-of the-art technology for use in our everyday lives has become the new ‘normal’. When you first get going in the morning chances are you head to your cell phone and turn it on. If you use it as an alarm or have eliminated your land line, you might never turn it off. Our phones have become a “hub” in our lives. Connecting to one another via phone, text message, social media like Facebook or Twitter, emailing, taking photos and then sharing them. We can take our cell phone everywhere we go and use it whenever we need to.

It should come as no surprise that using your phone to manage the basic operations in your home is another modern convenience that technology has made available to American Standard HVAC equipment owners.

It is called Nexia Home Intelligence and using your web-enabled mobile device (phone, tablet, laptop or PC) you can now unlock your doors, turn on the lights inside and outside your home, and monitor or change the temperature of your thermostat: home automation at the touch of a button.

Home automation from where you are

Nexia Home Intelligence home automation with technology from your phone. Call the home automation technology experts at CM Mose and Son, 6603-E-Royal Street, Pleasant Valley, MO 64068 to change the temperature, turn off your lights and control your home with the technology of Nexia Home IntelligenceHow Nexia Home Intelligence benefits you:

  • Adjust the temperature of your home before you arrive.
  • Reduce your energy bills by shifting to ‘energy savings mode’ when you aren’t home.
  • Get text and emails that let you know when you need to change your air filter.
  • Get routine maintenance reminders which can extend the life of your equipment.
  • Text alerts that let you know when family members or children are home safely.

Reduce your carbon footprint!

  • Adjust the thermostat for maximum efficiency.
  • Turn off the lights you forgot you left on.
  • Text reminders to change air filters which increase the effectiveness of your system.

Home automation with technology

  • If you travel or would like the peace of mind that knowing your kids are home from school safely, Nexia Home Intelligence is for you!
  • If you constantly wonder 5 minutes after you leave your house if you turned the lights off or the air conditioning up or the heating temperatures down, then Nexia Home Intelligence is for you.
  • If you have to have the latest technology available on the market, then Nexia Home Intelligence is for you!

Nexia Home Intelligence is available through C.M. Mose &  Son and is available with American Standard Air Conditioning and Heating Systems (which is the only brand we supply to our customers).

Call (816) 781-4707 or contact us today to have state-of-the-art technology home automation with Nexia Home Intelligence installed in your home.