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Prepare Your Home with a Residential Generator

The electrical grid is aging, and the need for electricity has been growing steadily over the past 15 years with no signs of stopping. Be prepared to take control of your power with a home generator from C.M. Mose & Son. We are not only Kansas City’s largest Generac generator dealer, but we have been named the number one, award-winning Generac dealer in the United States.

We can address your residential generator needs, whatever they may be:

  • Basic Coverage: Allows homeowners to choose to cover a few rooms and maintain electrical power for critical needs.
  • Managed Power: Homeowners gain up to whole-house coverage through a load-shedding power management option.
  • Whole-House Backup Power: Homeowners can choose to cover every circuit in the home and gain true whole-home protection from power outages.

The Midwest is your home. Kansas City is the place you live and work, and our city has a lot to offer. This means a growing economy and landscape, which is good for business but not always good for the power grid. 

Changing weather can also bring tornadoes, snow, and ice. All of this can result in power outages. Protect your home, your comfort, and your safety with a residential generator.  

To learn more about your options and how C.M. Mose & Son can help, call (816) 339-5190. We’ve served customers in Kansas City for nearly 70 years!

Why a Residential Generator?  

Many people in the Kansas City area rely on a constant flow of power to keep their homes comfortable. For some, it goes beyond comfort. A consistent flow of power is needed to protect children and the elderly from extreme temperatures. 

Refrigerators that store life-saving medication need electricity. Medical equipment cannot experience temporary losses of power. A backup source of electricity can bring peace of mind and may even save a life.

You might need a residential generator if:

  • You live in a rural area that doesn’t have standard power consistently available.
  • You live in a neighborhood that’s prone to outages.
  • You want to make sure you have power in the event of an ice storm outage (these outages can last a few hours, days, or even weeks).
  • You want to make sure you’re covered in case of tornado strikes or wind shears (these power outages can last for weeks to a month).
  • You have life-sustaining equipment at your home that relies on power (breathing equipment, oxygen, dialysis, immune deficiencies, medication storage).

When the power goes out, there’s no telling when it will come back on. With a home generator from C.M. Mose & Son, you don’t have to worry.

Reliable Backup Power in an Emergency

We offer Generac residential generators to all our Kansas City homeowners who want reliable electricity to supplement their energy needs and guard against power outages. We sell and recommend residential Generac generators due to the service, the quality, and the availability of replacement parts, should we need them. 

All Generac generators are manufactured and assembled in Wisconsin, and they have been since 1959! Generac is known for providing great care and attention to detail for all their products, and that’s why we’ve partnered with them to bring Kansas City homeowners the highest standard of residential generators.

We even offer home generators that can connect to your mobile phone, enabling you to monitor your generator even when you are not home. The unit turns on every week for 12 minutes to cycle the generator. If it cycles and finds a fault, it will send you a text message telling you to contact us for service. That way, you can feel confident that your generator is working properly.

What Type of Home Generator Do I Need?

How much backup power you need depends on how much you want to be able to do when your electricity goes out. Do you want to be able to keep the lights on, make sure your refrigerator stays on, and keep your air conditioning or furnace on? The amount of backup power you need will help you choose which type of home generator to get. Our Kansas City residential generator pros can work with you to analyze your energy needs and use our “Sizing Software” to determine the ideal generator for your home.

When it comes to a residential generator at your Kansas City home, size does matter. A larger backup generator will run every electrical appliance in your home. A smaller generator can run selected electrical needs. When properly maintained, a Generac generator will operate for 40 years. You may want to consider a whole home generator now, because your electricity needs may change over the years. A generator can even increase and improve the marketability and perceived value of your home.

Get Your Kansas City Home Generator Today

When safety, security, and a constant flow of electricity to your home are mandatory, home generators are a great way to take power into your own hands. Generators operate on propane or natural gas during a power outage, and they work seamlessly with your public electrical system. The installed transfer switch detects the power outage from the public supply and instantly kicks on, keeping the electricity flowing to all the pre-determined circuits in a home. 

A 500-gallon propane tank can keep a backup generator in service 24 hours a day for one week. A generator powering fewer electrical appliances in the home can run much longer.

Get a residential generator from C.M. Mose & Son and keep your Kansas City home powered, no matter what happens. 


    “Ryan got our Generac up and running and he was super knowledgeable about the product.” - Larry E.
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