Two Ways to Save on American Standard HVAC

The leaves are turning colors and are finding their way to your lawn. The days are a little cooler and the night’s cooler still. If your furnace hasn’t had a test run yet this fall, it will, any day now. Keep in mind that the first time you use the heater this season, the furnace may emit a smell that can be disconcerting. That smell is the dust on the heat exchanger being “burned” off. Remember back to the last time you ran your furnace for the first time. Does it smell the same? If so, it will take a few hours, but the smell will eventually dissipate. If the odor is more indicative of burning plastic or rubber, an inspection by a qualified HVAC technician of your furnace should be in order.

If your furnace and HVAC units are over ten years old, they may need replacing. One of the best companies to choose to replace your existing furnace and air conditioner is American Standard. American Standard was at the forefront of developing affordable heating equipment in the 1800’s. Today, American Standard is known for its’ reliability, sustainability, and affordable home comfort.

It’s called “The Excessive Celebration Sale” by American Standard

In the market for a new Furnace and Air Conditioner? Take advantage of 0% APR for 36 months or up to $1,100 instant rebates on qualifying equipment. Purchases must be made before November 30th, 2016 and installed no later than December 31st to be eligible for one of the two offers from American Standard and its Independent Customer Care Dealer C.M. Mose & Son.

Why choose C.M. Mose & Son?

For the same reasons you would buy American Standard brand of HVAC is why you would want C.M. Mose & Son to install and service your American Standard equipment. Reliability, sustainability, and affordability. C.M. Mose & Son offers the highest level of customer service to its clients and has since 1954. C.M. Mose is a 3rd generation business focusing on providing the best equipment; HVAC, GeneratorsWater Heaters, coupled with superior service. C.M. Mose & Son stands by American Standard and American Standard stands by them. American Standard is the only brand of HVAC equipment C.M. Mose installs for customers. Now that’s commitment.

Take advantage of special 0% financing for 36 months or up to $1,100 instant rebates on your purchase of qualifying American Standard Equipment (see below).  Find out how you can maximize these savings and get a reliable, energy saving furnace and air conditioner installed before the new year!

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