Tips to Lower Energy Bills

Homeowners have come to expect higher energy bills in the summer and winter. These two seasons a house needs to be kept cool or warm. Avoiding these higher bills is not possible, but there are a few actions you can take to lower energy bills during peak summer and winter months.

Lower electric bills by Maintaining HVAC equipment

A furnace and air conditioner needs maintenance, even new a one. Regular maintenance ensures clean filters and conditioned parts that will keep your equipment running smoothly. An improperly placed, sized or dirty filter will over work the system. The duct work could also be inefficient.  A larger HVAC unit may not be what a house needs but better duct work or dampering. When it’s time to replace your furnace and air conditioner, buying the proper sized unit or units can save you money each month.

HVAC experts will be able to inform you, based on several pieces of information about your home, what size HVAC equipment will be the best investment for you.

Buy local and hire independent contractors and American made equipment for your home. CM Mose & Son are heating and air conditioning, electrical and generator experts. They have the knowledge, the tools, and the experience to ensure you choose the proper equipment for your home. As an American Standard dealer, they stand behind the equipment and installation. You won’t find better customer service anywhere in Kansas City.

Seal your doors and windows

Many homeowners are not aware that with cold weather comes the slight expansion and contraction of wood and other exterior elements of a home. The seal around windows and doors can become loose, creating spaces for heating and cooling to escape. The silicone around doors and windows can also age, and will not function as it was meant to work. Replacing your seals around doors and windows could be a do-it-yourself project. It is also a great project for a handyman or a construction company. Newly replaced windows may not mean the caulking is as good as the window. It is a good idea to check window caulking every season to ensure you have an effective seal around your windows. A good seal will help lower energy bills!

Use your window treatments

As a matter of décor, homeowners use blinds and curtains to add style and ambiance to a room. The window treatments you choose can also help reduce your energy costs as well. Choose curtains that are thicker or are room darkening. In the summer, curtains like this can keep the bright, hot sun from streaming into a room, heating your home as it does. If you prefer natural sunlight, choose a light weight sheer curtain or honeycomb type covering to filter sunlight during the hottest part of the day.
In the winter, thicker curtains can help keep heat inside a home. To help lower energy bills in sunny winter days, open curtains and window treatments to let the sunlight in and help warm the room and house.

Check Attic Insulation/ Roof

Older homes with higher energy costs may consider adding or replacing attic insulation. Insulation manufacturers have developed more efficient insulation for home and business use. Increasing the R-value of the current insulation or adding foam insulation around the joints can improve the efficiency of the insulation and lower energy bills in the summer and winter. An old roof may also be a source of escaping heat and air conditioning. Have an expert evaluate if this is the situation in your home.

Save money on your energy costs all year long. Do what you can with windows, doors, and insulation in your home and call CM Mose & Son to maintain, repair or replace your furnace and air conditioner.

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