HVAC Questions answered

Homeowners have lots of questions, such as how do you change a fuse?  Where is the water shut off valve? Where is the fire extinguisher and does everyone in the house know how to use it? How do we get in the house if we lock ourselves out? Do we really need to get our air conditioner and furnace serviced twice a year? These are all good questions, and the answers to these questions could, in the event of an emergency, save a lot of money and even a life.

You have HVAC Questions? We have answers!

CM Mose & Son has been in the HVAC business for generations. One might even be able to say that we are experts in HVAC repair, service and retrofitting (replacing an old HVAC system with a new one.) We’ve answered a lot of questions homeowners have about their air conditioner and furnace over the years. Here are some of our favorite HVAC questions right now:

How often should I change my filter, and what brand should I use?

We recommend you have your system cleaned and checked by a Qualified Service Technician every six months and you should replace your filter every month.

Does closing off certain vents hurt the system?

Closing off the vents can cause hot and cold spots in your home. It can cause the static pressure in the system to force air out of leaks in your duct work and result in reduced system performance.

Does my humidifier have a filter and if so how often does it need to be changed?

Your Humidifier does have a filter Pad that will need to be changed based on the amount of use and Scale build up. We recommend Having your humidifier check by a Technician before use each year.

Why do I have hot and cold rooms in my house?

There are many reasons why this could be happening. We can run an Air balancing and Air Flow Test. The test is conducted by a Certified Tech at CM Mose. The tech puts several holes in duct work (that are then covered after the test). The test estimates how much CFM (cubic foot per minute) your system needs to run efficiently. This test helps determine if there are restrictions in the system. Restrictions may include determining if the filter is too thick if the filter needs to be changed more often, or if more dampers need to be installed to redirect airflow to other parts of the house. This information from the test is entered into a program to generate a report that indicates what actions to take to with the HVAC system to increase the efficiency of air flow around the house.

Possible efficient solutions may include decreasing the blower motor, installing the proper size ductwork, motor or equipment if necessary. Why? Your system needs to breathe. There have been instances where a customer with a 3 ton HVAC system was unhappy that the house was not cool enough in the summer. It seems logical that a bigger, stronger unit was needed. This test determines this is not always the case. Sometimes reworking the duct work or adding or adjusting the dampers is the solution. It is usually not a “bigger is better solution.” You need the right solution not the bigger one.

Home ownership comes with many questions and some are HVAC questions!  At CM Mose & Son, we like to think we have all the answers when it comes to Heating and Cooling your home. We also believe we have the best customer service in Kansas City. If you doubt that, give us a call and let us prove it to you! Ask us a question or have us out to service the furnace this season.

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