End of the Year Checklist

The end of December is usually a busy month for everyone. Some are putting decorations away, attending New Year’s Eve parties and getting ready for a brand new year. Tis the season to be jolly!  Sometime we take a lot for granted. With news reports filled with weather related events these past few months there are a few “to-do” items you may want to check off your list, by the end of the year.

Look into securing back up power

When you walk into a dark room at home, you flip a switch, and instantly the lights come on, and you walk around safely. Your electricity is the result of your connection to the power grid. The utility companies use the power grid, and that grid is controlled by the internet. Without being overly alarming, there is a very real possibility that the  power grid could be compromised in the near future. How is this possible? The power grid is internet based and as such has entry points everywhere.

The grid is divided into three major areas. If one of the areas is compromised, it will put a significant demand of the two remaining sections and more than likely these sections will fall like dominoes. To protect yourself in the event of power failure, consider installing a Generator. You may be able to live without power for a couple of hours but what if those hours turn into days or a week or more? (Puerto Rico for example) If you or someone you know requires electricity for medical purposes, the loss of power now becomes a matter of life and death. If that’s the case, we strongly urge you to get an estimate soon.

When the weather gets bad, the demand for backup power increases and the time it takes to install a generator can take significantly longer. we recommend you plan ahead. Mark this item off your year-end checklist and get a quote for a Generac Generator today.

Look into the safety of your furnace

Who doesn’t love being toasty warm when the snow and temperatures are falling? When you are a bit chilly, you turn up the thermostat and enjoy the heat! If you have not had your furnace inspected recently, you could be at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning or worse a house fire. Children, pets, and other family members are more affected by carbon monoxide poison than others due to their lung capacity and higher respiration rates. During a furnace inspection, a technician checks all the connections to ensure they comply with codes and manufacturer recommendations.

They make sure your system is properly vented and burning fuel correctly. They clean the blower and remove any lint, animal hair and dirt that may have accumulated. Your HVAC operation ties into two critical systems in the house. One is fuel (natural gas, or propane) and the other is electrical. Secure connections will prevent shorts and electrical fires. Cleaning also prevents fire.

An HVAC system consumes a large portion of your electricity. A more efficient system saves you money. Cold winters and an inefficient system results in higher energy costs. A maintenance agreement with CM Mose & Son will provide a furnace inspection. Call today and check this year-end do item off your list.

As a new year approaches, do your best to keep your family happy and healthy at home and let CM Mose & Son help you check these important items off your list before the end of the year.

This post was originally published in December 2015 and edits have been made to update it. 

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