Electrical Outlets and other “Little Things”

It’s the little things that matter and the little things that can make the most significant difference. You may have heard that before because it’s true. There is also the matter of a small thing to you may be a big thing to someone else. The same holds true for your home and the “little things” you notice not working around your house. Up to this point, you may not have done anything about it because when you look at them one by one, they just don’t seem like a huge deal.

For instance, the last time you vacuumed your carpet and went to unplug the cord, you may have noticed the electrical socket was loose. At the time you thought, no big deal, it’s a little thing. When you got dressed this morning, you ignored the fact that there are a few of the light bulbs in your bathroom that never seem to last very long. Again, you think no big deal. And then there’s  the fact that the ceiling fan in the family room hasn’t worked for a few years now. All of these things seem like a bunch of “little things,” but this may not be entirely true.

A loose electrical outlet can be a big deal

Did you know that loose fitting electrical sockets can be dangerous in your home? A loose electrical outlet has the potential to ignite a fire behind the wall. A loose outlet is a potential hazard that needs to be taken care of. AKA a big deal.  A light bulb that does not last very long can indicate that either the wattage of the bulb you are using is incorrect or the light bulb socket itself is loose. A loose socket can be dangerous and cause a spark in your ceiling or wall.

Using the wrong light bulb can also be hazardous. A bulb that is too strong can overheat causing a short and a fire. A big deal.  And although the ceiling fan not working correctly isn’t dangerous, when working correctly, a ceiling fan helps cool a room and circulate air in and around the space. A fan that does not work is like a nick-knack hanging on your ceiling. A nick-knack may look good, but they add no functionality to the room! A functioning ceiling fan can help save you a little money on your energy bills.

At C.M. Mose &  Son, we love taking care of the little things. Electricity is not a simple system in your home to work with. Repairing a light fixture or replacing an outlet in 11 steps can be tricky. When working with electrical circuits, make sure the circuit breaker (and the correct one at that) is turned off, so you don’t get electrocuted. Know which wires go where. Electrical work can be intimidating and painful, if not done right. There are lots of step-by-step instructions and YouTube videos to help you get it done. If you are a homeowner, who prefers your DIY projects be limited to painting a wall or clearing the gutters, then call the electrical service experts at C.M. Mose & Son.

Leave electrical repairs to the experts!

C.M. Mose & Son has been in the electrical service and repair business since 1954! In fact, that’s how we got our start! Roger’s grandfather and father decided to provide their neighbors with a better quality electrical service than was being delivered at the time. Since then, the tradition of excellent customer service has remained the cornerstone of everything that CM. Mose & Son does:

They do it with a commitment to delivering the best customer service in Kansas City. When you discover a “little thing” don’t hesitate to call them before it becomes a ‘big deal.’ Call the electrical repair experts at C.M. Mose and Son to take care of it for you!

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