Understanding How Generac Generators Work

Close up of a back up generator

Backup generators are a great device that can help your family stay safe in unexpected emergencies. Whether mother nature decides to throw everything but the kitchen sink at the power grid or a rare blackout arises, with your Generac generator, you will be prepared. So if you ever were curious about how your generator operates, we’re here to help.

How Does A Generac System Work?

Your Generac backup generator has an external unit that you could compare in size similar to a traditional HVAC system and is connected to your home’s electrical system. When your home is operating under standard conditionals, your Generac is on standby mode and monitoring your home’s electrical system. If the Generac detects a disruption in power via the voltages in the utility line, then your generator exits standby mode.

When your home’s primary source of power is disrupted, the backup generator will connect its power line to your home’s electrical system. The backup generator will power the entire house until power is restored to the main utility line.

What Powers A Generac Generator?

Most backup generators will run on a gas-powered system that will use either natural gas or propane. Unlike portable generators, you do not need to worry about refueling your Generac generator as they are connected to your home’s main fuel lines to ensure that they are powered during every situation.

How Long Will My Generator Run?

The fuel source that your Generac generator uses can influence how long the system can run continuously. Note that your generator will be connected to your home’s main fuel line, so there should not be worry of service disruption unless there is an issue with the fuel lines.

If your Generac fuel line is disrupted, and your power goes out, you can have a generator running for several days. Depending on the fuel in the generator, you can have upwards of a week’s worth of energy for your home. Of course, the duration can vary due to many factors and should be consulted on a case-by-case basis.

At C.M. Mose & Son we know how important it is to stay prepared and always have a backup plan in case the day does not go as planned. So when you call our technicians at (816) 339-5190 we’re here to help you with all your backup generator questions and make sure your Generac generator is ready to help you in those crucial moments the power goes out.