Knowing When You Need Emergency Heating Repairs

photo of a woman bundled in blankets in her home

Furnace repairs are typical in the winter, and with routine maintenance, you can cut down on your repairs. However, sometimes life can throw us a curveball, and your furnace might suddenly face some issues that can leave you without heat in the middle of a cold winter’s day. If you’re unsure when you should call our team for an emergency repair, we’re here to help clear that up.

Exhausting All Options

If you suddenly find yourself without heat, it is best to try and identify the possible cause for your heating system to shut off if you have lost power; attempt to reset the breakers to see if your home can regain power.

If your furnace uses a pilot light and the issue is a pilot light that will not ignite, attempt to restart your pilot light. For homeowners with a heat pump, you might face a frozen system, which can be stressful, but thankfully heat pumps come with a defrost cycle you can run to help alleviate the issue.

If you cannot troubleshoot your heating problems quickly, you will need to call our professionals to quickly assess the situation.

Severity Of The Issue

Losing heat can be annoying, but what qualifies for an emergency is the severity of the issue at hand. If temperatures outside are freezing, do not hesitate to call our team for emergency repairs. With proper insulation, your home should be warm for some time after losing heat, but the longer you wait, the more chances you risk being exposed to dangerous freezing temperatures.

If temperatures are not dangerously cold, we need to state that we may schedule the repair during regular hours and suggest bundling up. While this may seem frustrating, we need to have teams available to address any emergencies.

Finding Time For Repairs

We know that life can move fast, and sudden furnace failures are not planned, making scheduling repairs quite the hassle. If you lose heat before a hectic weekend, usually holiday weekends, we may recommend emergency repairs so that you are not left without heat for too long.

When in doubt, give our team a call to guide you to the best solution to get the heat back in your home. At C.M. Mose & Son our years of experience helps us find the most cost-effective solution for your HVAC needs all year round. If you think you need emergency HVAC repairs, do not hesitate to call us at (816) 339-5190