Commercial Electrician

Commercial lighting

When you need a commercial electrician count on C.M. Mose & Son. They are a Kansas City leader in commercial electrical for installation, repair and maintenance of projects for the office, financial, entertainment, food-service, and retail industries.A dark parking lot needs commercial lighting. Call the commercial lighting experts at CM Mose, Pleasant Valley, MO for all your electrical and lighting needs.

C.M. Mose & Son works with many industrial and commercial customers to provide their lighting needs in building and retail spaces. Retail lighting examples include strip lighting in big box stores. We are the on-call lighting repair experts for many retailers in Kansas City who know the value of a properly lit retail store. An improperly lit retail space makes it difficult for customers to enjoy their shopping experience which can impact the profitability and the bottom line.

Commercial services we provide:

      • parking lot lighting
      • new and retrofit energy efficient lighting
      • motor controls
      • surge suppression
      • underground electrical construction
      • UPS maintenance
      • equipment installation
      • generators
      • data cabling
      • tenant finishes
      • sign repair
      • neon lighting repair
      • service upgrades

Call or contact us when you need a bid for a commercial electrician at (816) 781-4707 today! We will make sure your retail space or commercial building has the lighting and electrical systems you need!

Parking lot lighting

The safety and security of your customers and employees rests in your hands when they are on your property. As a retail space or building owner, providing security and peace of mind for visitors when the sun goes down is an added value service to ensuring the people coming and going from your business at night do so safely. According to this U.S. News article, installing motion detecting lighting is one of eight ways to prevent theft. Wall Packs are lighting equipment installed on buildings designed to light out from the building projecting onto and across the surrounding grounds or parking lots. Pole lighting can be added to darkened and distant areas of a parking lot. This lighted area increases the safety and security for employees and customers arriving or leaving your place of business from sunset to sun up.

Industrial lighting includes many safety and security needs. C.M. Mose & Son can install parking lights and pole lighting to outdoor parking space or in and around any building in the Kansas City metro area!

For parking lot lighting designed to keep your employees and customers safe, call or contact the parking lot lighting experts at C.M. Mose & Son, located in Pleasant Valley, ( 816) 781-4707. Give yourself and your business a little peace of mind at night.

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