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August 5-September 21, 2019

Buy any Generac Generator and choose a free 1200i Inverter Generator . This little generator is great for tailgating, camping or a little extra power when and where you need it or a 40-volt blower with battery and charger. Perfect for cleaning up grass and fall leaves.

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Seven out of 10 homeowners choose Generac Home Standby Generators to automatically provide electricity to their homes during power outages. Their reason − peace of mind.

We were hit with severe storms Friday night. Lost power and the generator kicked ii perfectly. It ran for 13 hours. It was very relaxing to know we had electricity and our sump pump kept running during the heavy rains. This was great timing, never happened before in all the years we have lived here.

Thanks again for the great installation. They did an awesome job.

Ernie A., Edwardsville, KS

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