Residential Generators

The Midwest is your home. Kansas City is the place you relax and live, and our city has a lot to offer. Changes in weather bring colorful leaves in the fall and a beautiful awakening spring. Our city has great attractions, excellent amenities, exciting sporting events, thoughtful art, and cultural spaces and exhibits and a growing economy and landscape. Growth is good for business but not always good for the power grid. Changing weather can mean tornadoes, snow, and ice. All of which can result in power outages. You need a residential generator.

Trust Generac Residential generators to supply you with emergency back up power when you need it and trust the professionals at CM Mose and Son, 6603-E-Royal Street Liberty, MO 64068 to install and maintain the back up power of a Generac generator.Many of our residents rely on a consistent flow of power to their homes to operate equipment that is crucial to their life. Refrigerators may store life-saving medication. Power is needed to operate monitors that detect the slightest indication of warnings. If you or someone in your home cannot do without power (and when it goes out you never know when it will come back on), you want the peace of mind that only a generator can offer. You need to have a backup source of electricity to sustain your life.

A generator for your home

We offer Generac Generators to all our homeowners who want reliable electricity to supplement their energy needs and guard against power outages. We sell and recommend Residential Generac Generators due to the service, the quality and the availability of replacement parts, should we need them. All Generac Generators are manufactured and assembled in Wisconsin. Generac has been in the stand- by power business since 1959! And that’s all they do. When you do one thing, and you focus on providing that one thing with great care and attention, you do it right. C.M. Mose and Son located in Pleasant Valley, has partnered with the expert in residential generator equipment, Generac, to bring our customers this standard of equipment.

A generator with a mobile link connection to your mobile phone can monitor your generator when you are not home. The unit turns on every week for 12 minutes to cycle the generator. If it cycles and finds a fault, it will send you a text message telling you to contact us for service. It’s always better to know during a test than during a power outage.

How much backup power do you need?

Generac Generator with Smart Link mobile connection installed by CM Mose and Son, Pleasant Valley MO

How much backup power you need depends on how much you want to be able to do when your electricity goes out. Do you want to be able to keep the lights on, make sure your refrigerator stays on, keep your air conditioning or furnace on? The amount of backup power you need will help direct the size Generac Generator you will need. We will analyze your energy needs and use our ‘Sizing Software’ to determine the best size Generator for you and your requirements.

Residential Generators needs and uses:

  • Rural homeowners who have inconsistent availability of standard utility power
  • Homeowners who live in neighborhoods that are prone to outages
  • Power availability due to ice storm outages (these outages can last a few hours to a few days or weeks)
  • Power outages due to tornado strikes or wind shears (these outages can last for weeks to a month)
  • Homeowners who need life-sustaining equipment that depend on power (breathing equipment, oxygen, dialysis, immune deficiencies, medication storage)

Residential Generator: Install the backup power you need!

Basic coverage:
Allows homeowners to choose to cover a few rooms and maintain electrical power for critical needs.

Managed power:
Homeowners gain up to whole house coverage through a load-shedding power management option

Whole-house backup power:
Homeowners can choose to cover every circuit in the home and gain true whole-home protection from power outages.

If you need to make sure that you have power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a disruption in your utility services are inconvenient and even life-threatening, install a generator at your home.

Trust C.M Mose & Son to install and maintain your Generac Generator. We can keep the lights on all the time! Call or contact us today at (816) 781-4707.