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Take advantage and plan ahead!

Remember, a planned installation will always save you more money than a heating and cooling installation you have to do because your equipment failed! It is always better to shop in advance, it may save you hundreds or thousands of dollars! CM Mose and Son is a Customer Care Dealer with American Standard. That sounds impressive and it is! Call us and we can tell you how that benefits you when you buy your new furnace and AC from us.

HVAC installation, service, and repair

The HVAC Equipment, service and repair by C.M. Mose & Son is primarily geared toward the residential homeowner and providing business customers with our light commercial Heating and Cooling needs.

What is HVAC?Heating and Cooling equipment, also called HVAC, by American Standard and installed, repaired and serviced by CM Mose & Son. Make the best use of your heating and cooling system by taking proper care of it. Your heating and cooling system was a big investment and replacing it will be one of your larger expenses in your home.

The acronym for HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC equipment, installation, service, and repair is about the air flow in your home. Making sure that your home and the people who live there are as comfortable as they can be with the HVAC equipment they have. In the cold of the winter, you want to make sure that your system is operating to keep the home warm. In the heat and humidity of the summer, your system should be functioning efficiently to keep you cool. Our main goal with HVAC in your home or office is to efficiently manage the airflow of the environment so you are comfortable.

What is the best HVAC system for your home?

Best HVAC according to Matt Besler is American Standard. Let CM Mose and Son, install your Matt Besler approved American Standard equipment.According to Matt Besler, Professional Soccer player, the best HVAC brand is American Standard. Matt is not only a spokesperson for American Standard but he had American Standard HVAC equipment put into his own home. Matt likes the local flavor of American Standard as well as their loyalty.

American Standard is committed to excellence, and the brand has an unrivaled reputation for reliability. C.M. Mose & Son has teamed up with American Standard and is proud to be one of the regions only Customer Care Dealers. This high honor is granted to independent American Standard dealers with a total commitment to excellence in every aspect of their business. By installing an American Standard System from C.M. Mose & Son, you will receive a not only a high-quality HVAC System but exceptional comfort and satisfaction as our top priorities.

American Standard can provide an electric furnace for you and CM Mose and Son, 6603-E-Royal Street, Pleasant Valley, MO 64068We offer our clients a variety of American Standard products to meet their needs and wants. Our status as a Customer Care Dealer puts us in a unique position to ensure that we are installing the very best equipment that American Standard has to offer. The way we look at it, our name is on that equipment too, and when we put our name on something, we make sure our customers are pleased with the unit they have chosen.

To achieve the best results, our highly trained NATE technicians carefully consider a variety of factors such as; humidity, air flow, zoning, indoor air quality, comfort level, removal of carbon monoxide and energy efficiency. Whether you are cooling or heating your home, office, or warehouse, we guarantee that your space will be comfortable and safe.

The right size HVAC system makes a big difference

Our comfort specialists will assist you in sizing your new HVAC system to achieve maximum results. Call us to make an appointment for an in-home estimate.

All of our technicians are required to be NATE (North American Technician Excellence) Certified when they join our team and on-going technical training is mandatory. Our current staff has decades of HVAC service experience. Our customers consistently say we have the best customer service of anyone who has been to their home. That means the world to us and we strive for those comments each and every time an HVAC job is accomplished!

Many of the two-story homes in Kansas City have poor airflow in the upper reaches of the house. Our main focus with heating and cooling these homes is to help homeowners recapture the living spaces of their homes that they are unable to use in the winter or summer months.

Is the cost of a new HVAC Unit too much for you to consider? C.M. Mose & Son offers financing, with approved credit through Wells Fargo, so that as a homeowner you can finance the cost of the HVAC equipment needed for your home. Simply click on the Apply Now Button for an online application (Financing is subject to credit approval).

Your heating and cooling system does affect your indoor air quality

The air that you breathe in your home can have more pollutants and allergens than the air outside. Our experts will match your furnace and duct system with the appropriate air cleaner to protect the air that you and your family breathe. We carry standard filters, Whole House  Media Filter, Whole House Electronic Filter, and the industries’ leading AccuClean system.

Have a room that needs heating and cooling? Look to the heating and cooling equipment from Mitsubishi to cool that extra room or hard to heat and cool space.Mitsubishi Split Systems- Ductless HVAC

Mitsubishi offers a unique way of solving many heating and cooling problems. Without using ductwork, we can heat and cool any space with ease.  Ductless systems are ideal for small offices and computer server rooms. C.M. Mose & Son is a Diamond Alliance Dealer. Give us a call and we will be glad to look at your application and help you decide which systems will work for you. For more information about Ductless HVAC visit our Ductless HVAC page.

Applications for Mitsubishi Split systems

SunroomsMulti rooms with one unit
Computer RoomsRoom Additions
Warehouse spot coolingNew Construction
ZoningRemodel Projects
Conference RoomsSpot Cooling
Hot Rooms on the Second floorHome Office

Heating and cooling parts and accessories for your unit

If your HVAC Unit is in need of repair, we have the parts on hand and the accessories you need. Thermostats, Humidifiers, UV(ultraviolet ) Clean Air Systems, ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilators) and Zoning are components that will complete your Heating and Cooling needs. Let our experts help you design a system to meet your needs.

We want your home to be comfortable living space for you to enjoy upstairs or downstairs: no matter what season it is.

Need financing?

Call or contact the Heating and Cooling specialists at C.M. Mose & Son today at (816) 781-4707. Make your entire home comfortable!