New Residential Construction

New Residential Construction in Kansas City

With 30 years of construction services experience, Jon is now heading up the New Residential Construction HVAC division of C.M. Mose and Son. Jon has helped design HVAC systems into hundreds of new homes. He specializes in the planning and execution of a home’s room to room load calculation in a new construction setting.

BTU’s and CFM’s are crucial to the new construction process

The benefits of using a load calculation are to accurately determine the size of your furnace and A/C, and the size of supply air and return air in each room.  Building a new home without a proper load calculation can result in either too few, too many, too large, or too small supply/return air registers. These factors affect the heating and cooling of individual rooms, as well as the entire house. A room that was too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter had been attributed to a lack of insulation. Our Kansas City heating and cooling team now know this problem is more than likely the result of a poorly designed HVAC system.

Load Calculation for New Construction

When we perform a load calculation for a new construction home, we draw the entire house using specialized software. Detailed information is input into the program, such as the construction method, and the construction materials used to construct that specific home. These details help determine the BTU and CFM requirements for every room in the house.

Another benefit of performing a load calculation is determining perfect climate comfort. With ideal climate comfort, a homeowner and the house experiences proper humidification. An undersized HVAC system that was designed and installed in the home will long cycle, an oversized HVAC system will short cycle. A house that is utilizing load calculations from our experts will benefit from a system that has the proper run time, whether it is winter or summer.

Designing and sizing an HVAC system using load calculations combined with a humidifier will control the humidity in the home during the winter season. The same is true in the summer; with the proper sizing and run time, the A/C system will remove the appropriate amount of humidity. The correct humidity levels will protect your trim, wood floors, clothes, other electrical equipment, furniture, and collectibles that will be adversely affected by humidity levels that are too high or too low.

There are very few HVAC companies in Kansas City that use this type of calculation software for residential new home construction. Out of the thousands of homes that are built in Kansas City every year, far too many go without this essential and useful tool for planning and building a homes’ HVAC system.

Make better HVAC equipment decisions with a load calculation

Wyandotte County is the only county in Kansas and Missouri that requires a load calculation for new construction projects. Designing new construction HVAC systems with a load calculation can have a tremendous impact on home efficiencies and energy savings. A system that is undersized or oversized is going to cost you money in energy bills. A load calculation ensures the adequately sized HVAC system for your new construction home.

New Residential Construction HVAC Design from reliable information

With a load calculation, the design of the HVAC system is around the results. The ductwork, the furnace size, an air handler or air conditioning unit, and the number and dimensions of the registers. The load calculation informs all decisions for these items for the new construction HVAC system.

Most new construction homeowners rely on their builders. Builders rely on contractors and contractors; if they don’t have a load performance calculation, they rely on what they’ve always done in the past. If an HVAC system is running 30% more than it should, you’re lessening the lifespan of that equipment, and the parts of that system will run out faster or require more repairs and replacement.

When I first started using load calculations to design a new homes HVAC system, it was a dramatic difference,” said Jon. “It’s impressive when a home is designed using load calculation software. You get the perfect climate in the house.

C.M. Mose and Son for your New Residential Construction home

We have the experience and expertise in performing a load calculation to design your new homes HVAC system. A dedicated Kansas City heating and cooling team that works on-site with your contractor. We complete our work, depending on the size of the house in one day. Other companies may take four or five days to complete the project. We send our team on location to complete our part of the home building process in one day. This process frees the contractor up to schedule the rest of the trades and speeds up the construction process.

We have multiple options for upgrading HVAC equipment. We provide the contractor with a list of possible upgrades the contractor may want. As the contractor, you’re not relying on us to get you pricing. You have the pricing in advance. And you can adjust however you like.

Bottom Line Results Matter

The bottom line is C.M. Mose and Son in Kansas City helps the contractor with comfort, price, flexibility, safety, and state of the art HVAC equipment options. When a new residential construction project is on our schedule, we pay very close attention to the details, just as the contractor does. Our interest is making sure that our job is completed in the right steps saving the builder and the homeowner money in the short and long run.

Build the Most Energy Efficient Home

The most energy-efficient home starts with a load calculation, followed by sizing each room’s supply and return air, and then designing the ductwork to attain the total CFM requirement.

The right Kansas City HVAC partner for your New Residential Construction project is C.M. Mose and Son. Call (816) 339-5190 or contact us today.

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