Power Washer

Get a Power Washer and Remove it All

A Power Washer is also called a pressure washer. It is a high pressure mechanical sprayer, powered by an electrical or gas engine, that is used to remove dirt, dust, paint and mold from surfaces likes houses, buildings, concrete driveways, decks, second story windows, RV’s, and heavy equipment. When you need a hose that can do more than wash the family car, you need a Power Washer.A pressure washer is also called a power washer.  Get a powerful powerful, reliable Generac Power washer from CM Mose  and Son, 6603-E-Royal Street  Pleasant Valley, MO  64068. Power washers clean even the dirtiest items you have around your home.  Get the dirt out and off with a power washing from CM Mose and Son and Generac.

C.M. Mose &  Son is a Factory Authorized Generac Power Washer Dealer. We offer Generac Power Washers to our customers over any other brand due to the quality of the equipment, the manufacturing and the warranty that backs the equipment.

The Reliability of the Generac Brand in a Pressure Washer

Generac carries Pressure Washers that are made for both residential and commercial uses. The type of Power Washer is usually based on the PSI (pounds per inch) of pressure that the equipment is capable of producing.

For more questions about Generac Power washers, both residential and commercial call CM Mose & Son at (816) 781-4707.