Water Heater

When you discover you are in need of a new Water Heater, trust the company that has been delivering outstanding and reliable customer service for Heating and Cooling service and repair, Electrical work, and Generac Generator installation to replace your water heater! Did you know CM Mose has been replacing water heaters for years? Most homes have a 40 to 50-gallon water heater. Water heaters, like all appliances, have a life expectancy. If your home is operating with an electric water heater, it is supposed to last 8-10 years. Unfortunately, a gas heater will serve its purpose for even less time, 6-8 years. Yours might last longer!

Replace your failing gas water heater with a new water heater from CM Mose & Son, 6603-E-Royal Street, Pleasant Valley, MO 64068

When it’s time to replace your water heating appliance, call CM Mose & Son. We will replace your worn out heater with a new State Brand water heater. CM Mose does not recommend tankless water heaters to their customers looking to replace their current appliance (a tankless heater costs up to three times that of a standard water heater for very little return, in our opinion). Of course, as the customer, if you insist on a tankless water heater then a tankless water heater you will get!

Why choose CM Mose & Son to replace your water heater?

CM Mose uses state-of-the-art connectors in the plumbing work while replacing your water heater. We use a Pro-Press tool for a crimp connection that is 3,000 psi. These Pro-Press connections carry a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty. We believe it helps secure a better fit in the plumbing, and because we don’t use a flame for soldering in our plumbing work, we avoid the danger of a potential fire.

When you need to replace your old electric water heater, call the water heater professionals at CM Mose & Son, 6603-E-Royal Street, Pleasant Valley, MO 64068

Look for these symptoms to know when your water heater should be replaced:

  • Your water is not heating up the way it did before or is just plain cold
  • Hot water doesn’t last as long as it used to (have to take shorter showers to take a hot shower)
  • Your tank appears to be leaking
  • There is rust in your hot water from the tap
  • Your current tank is past the age when it needs to be replaced (electric 8-10 years, gas 6-8)


CM Mose & Son has licensed plumbers and with our crimping equipment and outstanding customer service, replacing your old water heater will be fast and easy! Call us today at (816) 781-4707.