Don’t be Left in the Dark

The threat of a winter storm brings joy to some and impending anxiety for others. A few inches of snow may be just what causes a tree branch to snap, taking power lines along with it. Snow storms are not the only cause of power interruptions. Utility interruptions come from underground trenching and boring -for work not even related to your property. Transformers can blow up from overheating and old age. These are everyday occurances. Auto accidents that run into power poles can knock out power for days.

How would your life change if you did not have power for 3 days?

Utility companies, in their attempt to mitigate these incidences, can and have cut your power for 6-8 hours at a time, just change out a transformer on a single pole. Will it take a catastrophic event (such as a snow or ice storm) in order for you to lose power and realize just how much you need it? In Tennessee recently, power was out for over 2,000 customers due to an ice storm. Another 200 homes were without power due to water in the power lines. Every day, around the U.S., homes and people are without power for a variety of reasons. A snow storm of 4-6” of snow can bring our power lines down. In Ohio, a transformer caught fire and knocked out power for customers for hours.

For some people, having electricity is a matter of life and death. If you have medication that requires refrigeration or you need electricity to run a medical device, such as a CPAP breathing device for sleep apnea or an oxygen concentrator, you have a more dire need to make sure that you always have power. Who do you know? What about elderly grandparents or parents? When your power goes out, you might think it is fun playing Robinson Caruso. Getting the candles out, to play games in lieu of the computer and TV is fun for about a day but not 3 days. Soon, you start losing money as your frozen food thaws.  As your comfort level decreases, tension levels rise i the home: when Mama ain’t happy, nobody is happy.

A generator protects you during a power outage

If you have a medical need for constant uninterrupted power or have a need for sustained comfort in the event of a power outage, consider installing an affordable, standby Generac Generator installed for your home. An automatic generator runs on propane or natural gas. In the event of a power loss, you can power a few select electrical needs or your entire house. You can have core power for as little as $4,700. With the peace of mind that a generator can bring, you can have your lights, your comfort and your lifestyle no matter what happens with your utility company.

The electrical grid in the U.S. is old, the trees are older and breaking all the time (the power companies are always trimming trees). Put yourself in a position of power and supply your own backup power system with a generator designed to meet your family’s needs: when not having power is not an option.

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