How long can a Standby Generator run continuously?

There are many things to consider when purchasing a standby generator for your home. One of the biggest questions most people ask is, “how long will a generator run continuously?” This is an important question because a generator can be a big purchase, and when considering a sizeable expense, folks want to make a wise and knowledgeable choice. Generators come in all sizes and can be powered by different fuel types. There is certainly one that will fit your needs. But how does one go about determining which is the right one?

How much Backup Power do you need?

When considering a generator purchase, a lot of thought needs to go into what is needed. For example, one customer with a large family, young children, a freezer full of expensive meats, and a person reliant on a CPAP machine may feel the best peace of mind knowing their generator can power the entire house with no end in sight. Another customer may feel comfortable and safe having a generator that powers only the electric circuit that serves the kitchen, keeping the lights on, the fridge and freezer cold, the oven working, and the HVAC powered. Both scenarios, as well as anything in between, can be powered optimally with the right sized generator.

Standby Generator Fuel

So, back to the original question, how long can a generator run continuously? The fuel source is the most significant determining factor when answering this question.

Natural Gas:
Most standby generators are physically connected to the natural gas line in a home. This provides a continuous supply of gas through the utility company. As long as gas is flowing through, the generator can continue to provide power with no end.

Liquid Propane:
LP or liquid propane can also fuel a generator. Determining the length of time a generator can run on a tank of LP depends on several factors – the size of the home, how many circuits are being powered, and the size of the LP tank. On average, a 500-gallon tank should be able to run 24 hours a day for over a week.

Chose the Right Generator

The best way to determine the correct size generator for your situation is to call C.M. Mose & Son. The experts in the Generac Generator department have the knowledge needed to provide options that will work for your power needs and budget. They will complete a thorough energy evaluation of your home and utilize “sizing software” to guide you towards the optimal choice. C.M. Mose is the only Power Pro Premier dealer in Kansas City

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