Generac Generator and C.M. Mose & Son

Providing customers with a quality product is essential. For example, when investing in a generator, a customer wants to feel confident the generator will work consistently. Quality products are one of the many reasons C.M. Mose & Son has partnered with Generac Generators to provide folks with backup power that is reliable. Generac offers a superior product and is the #1 selling brand in the U.S.
While product quality tops the list of what is important to homeowners, customer service is a close second. Finding a company that consistently offers 5-star customer service is rare. Both C.M. Mose and Generac are businesses dedicated to outstanding customer service. Both strive to ensure their customers are satisfied and to earn long-term loyalty. This alone makes them a winning combination in backup power in Kansas City.

Customer Testimonial – Generac Generator and C.M. Mose & Son

“I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my Generac Generator installed 3 ½ years ago. It has performed perfectly and gives me great peace of mind.

I also want to praise Stuart Jones for his professionalism. He has serviced my generator for some time now. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to take time to answer questions I might have.

The installation crew in December 2017 was prompt, efficient, and, again, professional.
They are all good representatives of C.M. Mose & Son.”
~Tom M.

This customer testimonial arrived recently at the C.M. Mose & Son offices. While C.M. Mose receives countless customer reviews online, this one, in particular, is extraordinary. Not only did this homeowner take the time to handwrite and mail this letter, but the original generator installation took place three and a half years ago. Tom chose C.M. Mose & Son to install his Generac Generator. Being the only Power Pro Premier Dealer in Kansas City, CM Mose offers unparalleled customer service. From the installation crew to the maintenance technician, all representatives offered consistent professional customer service.

Generac Generator Maintenance

Since 2017 Tom has been happy, not only with his generator but also with the customer service he has received and the maintenance performed by CM Mose. Regular maintenance is the key to the efficiency and longevity of any large piece of equipment. Generac Generators are no different. Customers that place a priority on backup power should also plan for maintenance visits. Happy customers can rely on their equipment working properly, and regular maintenance can ensure that. Just like Tom indicated in his letter, “it brings peace of mind.”

C.M. Mose has served Kansas City and the surrounding areas for over 65 years. They are committed to providing customers with the best products on the market and the highest quality service every single time. When starting to shop for backup power, do your research. Read online reviews, ask questions and get recommendations from friends and neighbors. Then, call CM Mose and Son at (816) 339-5190 or contact them online to get answers to your questions and discuss your options. The team at C.M. Mose wants to earn your business for life. This is something you can count on, just like the backup power you’ll get from your generator. So, keep the lights on and have the peace of mind you want with a Generac Generator from CM Mose & Son.

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