Survive the summer

A few more days and school will be out. Colleges are commencing with graduation exercises. Pools are being readied for Memorial Day. The white paints are coming out and homeowners are doing what they need to do to prepare for the heat that will come. Here are a few steps to take to ensure that you not only survive the summer but thrive in the months to come.

Maintain your Air Conditioner

“I love it when it is hot and humid outside and my air conditioner goes out,” said no one ever! If you want to avoid the headache of having to go without air conditioning this summer, call CM Mose and Son and have your air conditioner serviced and maintained. A regular inspection will include testing and adjusting the operating pressures of the system, testing your thermostat, cleaning the condensate drain, cleaning and replacing the filter. The appointment includes checking the electrical connection, cleaning the coil, lubricating the bearings and motor, testing the refrigerant levels and clean the condenser coil. Better yet, get a Service Contract and you won’t even have to think about scheduling the service, they will call you!

If you air goes out, you can make your way to a pool. But the power never goes out when it is convenient. Take the steps you need to get your system in working order and survive the summer being cool and comfortable.

Replace your worn out air conditioner

Your Air conditioner won’t survive another summer. You know you need to replace it. Not sure what brand to choose. Matt Besler, Captain for the wildly popular KC Sporting Soccer Club, just had an American Standard Heating and Cooling System put in his home. He choose the brand after doing his homework. He was also probably thinking of his reputation. He wanted to represent a brand that was reliable, made in the U.S. and had great customer service. He knew by choosing American Standard HVAC Equipment, he and his wife would be comfortable in the summer and winter. He was also representing a brand that was a top-tier choice for customers looking for a great value, customer service and reliability. If you find you need to replace your HVAC system this summer, use the brand Matt Besler likes, American Standard. and survive the summer in comfort.

Get a Generator

Spring has come in like a Lion! Kansas City has had a lot of storms these past few weeks. Some of the storms have come with downpours and strong winds. If you didn’t lose power you might have been afraid that your power would go out. The inconvenience of being without power is one of the main reasons homeowners are choosing to install a generator. Other homeowners have a dependence on power due to medical conditions. Do more than survive this summer, thrive knowing you won’t be without power. Be confident knowing that no matter what the weather (or the power company) does you will have the power you need along with the air, refrigeration and lights. Generac Generators is one of the most well-known and reliable brands on the market. CM Mose and Son is one of the largest Generac Generator installation companies in Kansas City. Get the brand you trust and a company that has been in business since 1954 to ensure you survive the summer with all the electricity you need.

Do more than survive the summer, thrive in the comfort of your home with CM Mose and Son. Maintain or replace your air conditioner with American Standard HVAC equipment and install backup power with a generator from Generac.

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