Are you Prepared for No Power?

The following is information collected from news reports that were seen on NBC Nightly News. These reports were on our aging electrical and power system and the physical attacks, both from snipers and the internet, that is happening in the U.S. Jamiel, with CM Mose and Son and Generac Generator, discusses these reports and what you can do to protect yourself in the event of a power outage.

Be Prepared with your own Power

I’m Jamiel Yameen with CM Mose and Generac Generators. I want to take a minute to talk to you today about the Power Grid and why we all need to be prepared to take care of ourselves with some backup Power.  I think it’s important that you have some redundancy at your home. We’re getting ready to head into storm season, everybody puts an extra flashlight and some batteries in a bottom drawer maybe even  an extra case of water, it’s also important for us to be prepared with extra stand by power and that’s what I want to talk about.

It’s not just storm season. Yes, we are going to be experiencing the tornadoes, and the thunderstorms, it’s springtime and those things are going to happen. But you know the Department of Homeland Security tells us that there are thousands of attacks on our infrastructure on a daily basis. Now, they are able to ward some of those off with the firewalls and the equipment that they have to protect us, but there have been lots of other things, there have been physical attacks. In Silicon Valley there was a sniper attack on the Metcalf Substation where there were documented over 100 sniper shots that damaged 17 transformers. Those things happen every day and we need to be prepared.

We had one power line go down in the western states affecting California, Arizona and New Mexico that literally put millions of people out of power for the better part of an entire day. And we just don’t have the resources to move on those things fast enough. We are experiencing a 20% increase over the next 10 years for a demand on power, where the infrastructure is only going to grow to the tune of about 10%. We’re going to see increases in cost in the 30-40% range.

Our Power Infrastructure was Graded a D

We’ve got to be prepared to take care of ourselves and not be dependent on the government and the utilities because they just can’t do it fast enough. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave our infrastructure, in a recent study, a D. None of us would accept a D in anything in our lives. But we’re dependent on our power system that got a D by the folks that are there to look at those kinds of things. You know, this information is coming out of NBC News as well as USA Today as well as the folks that are suppose to be looking at those things, like the Civil Engineers Society.

We’ve just got to be prepared to do some things for ourselves. and that’s why I think it is incumbent upon each and every one of us to have some stand by power. How long could you go without power at your house? How long do you want to go without power? Who do you know that can’t go without power? Whether it’s young families with children at home or people with medical needs, or frankly just the small business person who is operating out of their house.

So I would invite you to look at the stand by power system and give us a call here at CM Mose and we’ll be happy to price that for you and see what’s possible at your home.

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