Why HVAC Maintenance is Important

Tis the season and we don’t mean Christmas! It’s spring and aside from the occasional sniffle from allergies, a beautiful time of year! The flowers are pushing their way to the sun, the grass is starting to thicken and grow, the birds are singing their songs again, and soon it will be hot. Before you turn on your air conditioner make sure your HVAC Maintenance is taken care of!

Regular HVAC Maintenance

Two times a year an HVAC technician should be called to inspect, clean and maintain your HVAC equipment. Once in the fall and once in the spring. These visits are necessary if you want to keep your equipment operating as efficiently as possible, improve the capacity of the equipment and most importantly, ensure it lasts as long as possible.

How is your Air Conditioner Maintained?

At CM Mose & Son, our NATE certified technicians test and adjust the system, check the thermostat, clean the drains and filters, replace the filter, if necessary, check the coils and lubricate the bearings and motor, test and add refrigerant of necessary and clean the condenser coil. If you have a service agreement with CM Mose, they will call you to set up the twice a year maintenance appointment. Now that’s service!

Replacing your HVAC equipment

With regular maintenance your HVAC equipment will be efficient, saving you money in the short and long run. But even with proper excellent care, your equipment will eventually need to be replaced. Planned replacement, with planned savings, takes a bite out of the cost of replacing your equipment. Consider setting aside some money every month in anticipation of replacing your air conditioner and furnace. This saving is for a “Planned Replacement” of your HVAC system.  Besides your home and car, replacing your HVAC is a substantial cost. When the time comes to replace it, consider American Standard. This American made equipment is the only brand of HVAC that CM Mose installs for their customers. They trust their reputation to American Standard, and you can trust it too.

Spring is here! Enjoy the weather! But don’t forget to prepare your air conditioner for summer heat by calling one of our customer-service oriented technicians to maintain your air conditioner before you need it!