Top 25 Air Conditioner and HVAC Services

Do a search for HVAC on the internet and chances are you’ll find a link to Home Advisor’s 25 best Air Conditioning and HVAC Services in Kansas City. A subsequent evaluation of that list finds CM Mose & Son and for good reason. CM Mose & Son has been owned and operated by the Mose Family since 1953. When you think about that fact, it is quite astounding. Further research into small business ownership reveals some interesting facts.

Family business values of charity, philanthropy and volunteerism

According to information from about half of all new business survive five years or more and about one-third survive ten years or more. Seventy-three percent of small businesses are owned by a sole proprietor. According to, family-owned businesses are the backbone of the US economy. Thirty-five percent of Fortune 500 companies are family owned businesses. More than 30% of all family-owned business survive a move to the second generation, and 3% are passed down to the 4th generation. These companies not only pass down businesses to family members but also pass down the values of philanthropy, charity, and volunteerism.

HVAC Services 3rd generation family business

CM Mose & Son embodies these traits. Roger Mose is the 3rd generation family member to run the business that began as an electrical company. Roger Mose donates his time and his resources to philanthropies, helping Warriors Best Friend by providing equipment, supplies, and team members to install the electrical system at their new facility. He donates generators to the Liberty Fall Festival as well as the Shoal Creek Elementary ‘Carnival Under the Stars’. CM Mose & Son are members of the Liberty Chamber of Commerce and participate in many of KC’s Home and Garden shows.
As a family business, they pride themselves on treating their employees as valued members of their family team. The level of customer service that the HVAC, Electrical and generator parts of the business provide is a clear indication of why CM Mose & Son has been in business for as long as they have. As a customer, you instinctively know that a business that has been able to serve a community for an extended number of years does so as a result of providing a trusted service with excellently trained technicians. CM Mose does exactly that.

When you need electrical work, HVAC repair, maintenance or replacement or want the peace of mind that a generator will provide to you your family, call the company that has been and will be here for years to come; call CM Mose & Son. They’ve been a part of the community in Kansas City for over 60 years!

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