Is it time to Replace or Repair your Air Conditioner?

Memorial Day is approaching. Community pools are gearing up to open and the lawn mowers are out in full force. These are indicators that summer is on its way. You may not be thinking about heat and humidity today but it’s a good idea to prepare your equipment for the 80 plus degree days ahead.

Call for maintenance

First, if you haven’t had your equipment serviced and maintained yet this year, now is the time to make that appointment. A certified technician will check to make sure your air conditioner is operational. He will test the thermostat, clean the drains, clean or replace the filters, check all the electrical connections, and check the coils. Along with those checks he will lubricate all the bearings, motors and moving parts, test or add refrigerant and clean the condenser coils.

All these efforts help improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. A maintenance appointment improves the air conditioner’s ability to keep you cool and most importantly, extends the life of your air conditioner.

Should you repair your air conditioner?

Let’s say you call for service because you think something may be wrong with your AC. The tech checks the system and there are problems. You may want to repair the items if the system is less than 12 years old. If the issues with your air conditioner are “minor” fixes such as loose or broken ductwork, a clogged drain line or a small electrical problem, a repair may be the best decision. If the warranty is still in effect or the cost of the repairs is less than 50% of the cost of your air conditioner, repairing the problems may be cost effective. If the air conditioner has had less than 2 repairs in the last 10 years and if it is the right size for your home than repairing the AC is a good choice.

Should you replace your air conditioner?

C.M. Mose & Son likes to work with customers on a planned replacement.  A new HVAC system is a major investment for your home. Most of the time the decision to replace the air conditioner is made within a few hours and doesn’t take into consideration comfort and efficiency but what a customer can afford.  If your system is over 10 years old,  it might be a good time to discuss different options before the system has troubles and the outdoor temperature gets too high.

If the tech finds problems with your air conditioner and your equipment is more than 12 years old, replacing it could be a better option depending on what the problems are. Older systems use Freon which is being phased out due to the ozone depleting nature of this refrigerant. Customers having to add this type of Freon to their systems this year will discover the price per pound has gone up significantly. Older HVAC systems are also much less efficient. The cost to repair an older system is usually higher as well.

You may want to replace your air conditioner if the blower motor, the compressor or the coils are the issues. These repairs may exceed 50% of the total cost of the air conditioner. A new air conditioner will be more efficient, saving money on energy bills over time. If you have had more than 3 major repairs on your air conditioner in the last 10 years, replacement is a better choice.

If you decide to replace your equipment, a good HVAC installer will use computerized calculating software, to ensure the system is the right size for your home. The right size HVAC system may lessen air cycling. Systems that are too small for a home cycle more resulting in higher humidity levels and overuse of your unit. An overworked system will shorten the lifespan of equipment! If you do replace your air conditioner and/or furnace, C.M. Mose & Son can guide you to the right size, a good efficiency rating, modern features and greener options for your budget.

Hire the right HVAC company

The right HVAC company with expertly trained technicians will maintain, repair and replace your air conditioner. The right HVAC company for many homeowners in and around Kansas City is C.M. Mose & Son. In business since 1954, they provide top-tier customer service for your HVAC needs.

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