Meet Charles, The General Manager for HVAC/ Electrical

Charles has been general manager for both the HVAC and Electrical Departments of C.M. Mose & Son for seven years. Prior to joining our team, he was an instructor and program coordinator for Pinnacle Career Institute in the Northland. Pinnacle was an HVAC trade school, that is no longer in service and taught students from beginning to advanced level technical skills.

Charles grew up in Kearney and Plattsburgh, MO and now lives with his family in Leavenworth. He was introduced to HVAC as a young man by his brothers and a brother-in-law. They all worked in the industry and knew how to handle all aspects of heating and air.

However, Charles wanted to know ‘why’ something had to be replaced and ‘why’ it needed repair. Those teaching him could not give him the answers he wanted. To learn more, Charles went to school. He wanted the theory. Charles needed to know ‘why’.

The Man HVAC Choose.

Charles is sure the industry chose him. Charles knew he was good at it; he was not afraid of the hard work and knew he could make a living doing it. Charles had a knack for it. Heating, cooling, and refrigeration have been an interest for him for as long as he can remember.

Have you ever visited the penguin exhibit at The Kansas City Zoo? Charles helped create the snow machine in that exhibit. Charles has worked on a lot of exciting projects throughout his career. His early mentors include the gentleman who designed the iceberg for the Titanic Exhibition at Science City. Over the years, Charles has had 3 to 4 mentors he considers were “top” of their field, and they taught him the right way. Mentors who were not afraid to teach him what he needed to know. And what he needed to know to be good at it.

Young kids today need to know they could make as much or more money in the trades without going to college. There is a noticeably short supply of people in the trades today.

Charles quotes an article he recently read stating ‘a 65% shortage of qualified individuals for the trades‘. This shortage includes heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical positions. There are more opportunities in these areas than you can imagine. In 30 years, Charles said he has always had a job. With his knowledge and experience, C.M. Mose will undoubtedly keep him busy for years to come.

For service, repair and installation of HVAC or electrical issues, contact us. Charles will see to it that you are well taken care of.

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