When to Hire a Commercial Electrician

Whether you are opening a new place of business or renovating an existing commercial space, hiring a competent and qualified electrician is essential. All types of Kansas City commercial properties, such as restaurants, retail stores, office buildings, and warehouses, have specific electrical needs. For example, a retail space may require inviting overhead lights, specific outlets for cash register locations, warm lights for dressing rooms, safe outdoor parking lot lights, and wiring and outlets for employee spaces. These needs are different than the typical residential home.

New Construction Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician works alongside a general contractor during a new build project installing wires, outlets, and lighting in specific areas needed. This can include data cabling for computer networks and electrical wiring for signage. Using the builder’s blueprints, the electrician maps out all the electrical elements and installs them properly.

Business Space Remodeling Commercial Electrician

Many times, new business owners purchase an existing space and need to retrofit some, if not all, electrical systems to their desired needs. A commercial electrician will evaluate the space and the current wiring in place and make the necessary changes and additions. When dealing with a particularly older building, new wiring throughout is sometimes needed to match current building codes. In addition, business owners may choose to increase energy efficiency when renovating and upgrading the electrical systems.

Call CM Mose & Son for Commercial Electrical Service and Installation

CM Mose & Son has served the commercial electrical needs of the Kansas City area and its suburbs for decades. With experience in both new construction and renovation, they can help with any commercial space – large or small. They can also offer electrical repairs when needed. From underground electrical construction to surge suppression and generator installation, CM Mose offers complete commercial services

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