Furnace Replacement in Kansas City

Tech working on gas furnace

If your furnace was on the fritz last year, you might be considering buying a new one before winter hits. Furnace replacement can be a significant investment as well as an opportunity to increase the efficiency of your current HVAC system. But where do you start when it comes to choosing an HVAC company and a furnace? And how does the process work?

Look online when choosing an HVAC company

There are many choices in Kansas City when it comes to HVAC services and installation. It can feel overwhelming to make the right decision. A great place to start looking is online. Take some time to look at actual customer reviews on Google as well as social media. Any HVAC company worth its weight will have many positive reviews online. Bad reviews can also be an excellent way to determine how a company handles an unhappy customer. In addition, checking their website is another way to see what kind of online presence they have. A quality website can be an indication that they have been in business for a long time. This can only be the case if they are providing good service to their customers.

Furnace Replacement Process

Once you have chosen an HVAC company, what happens next? An HVAC expert will come to your home and evaluate your system. Determining the proper size of your needed furnace is essential. A true expert will take the time to look at your home’s layout, ask if there are any hot or cold spots, consider the number of windows in your home and peek at your current ductwork. A proper load calculation requires much more than just the square footage of a home. Once the sizing is determined, options will be proposed. A quality expert will take the time to explain how your furnace will work, what the different efficiency options are, and how it should perform in your home. There should never be a hard sales pitch or a push to decide on the spot. It’s a big decision and time is needed to make the best choice.

Choose C.M. Mose and Son for your Furnace Replacement

C.M. Mose and Son is driven to help homeowners make the right choice for their situation. They will provide all the information needed up front, answer any questions you may have, and provide the quality installation you can trust. In addition to installation, maintenance will be discussed. Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming their furnace and HVAC system is like a refrigerator or microwave – simply plug it in and go. A better example would be to think of your system like a car. It has many moving parts that work in tandem. Your furnace and HVAC system will require continual maintenance. C.M. Mose and Son offers an annual service agreement that takes the guesswork out of HVAC maintenance. Without prompting, a technician will schedule a complete and thorough checkup and tune-up of your system once in the spring (air conditioner) and once in the fall (furnace).

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