Why are my Electrical Outlets Loose?

Let’s face it, maintenance of home electrical outlets is not high on the priority list for homeowners until there is a problem. Like most systems in your home, some care and repair may be needed. The most common question and often most frustrating issue when it comes to outlets is, “why are my electrical outlets loose?” When a blender, vacuum or laptop is plugged into the offending outlet, the plug fits loosely and will typically fall out, causing loss of power. That sure can be annoying. But what is the cause, and are there dangers associated with a loose outlet?

Signs of Faulty Electrical Outlets

Over years of use, the internal blades of any electrical outlet can start to deteriorate. They can become loose, which makes them incapable of holding a plug correctly. While inconvenient for any homeowner, imagine that vacuum cutting off every time you move the cord, this issue can also be a dangerous one. Loose or worn blades can begin to emit excessive heat, which can be a fire hazard when exposed to other internal wall materials. Bottom line, a loose outlet needs to be replaced.

Other potential faulty electrical outlet signs can include very tight blades, requiring extra force to plug in an appliance, or an outlet that works only sometimes. Both situations are a strong indication that something is not working correctly and needs to be addressed.

Know who to call for Electrical Services in Kansas City

Electrical issues that crop up now and again can seem like a minor nuisance but should be addressed as soon as possible. Home electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires in the U.S., according to the Electrical Safety Foundation. Roughly 5000 of those fires are caused by malfunctioning electrical outlets. Proper outlet care can help to avoid home fires. Kansas City homeowners have put their trust in C.M. Mose and Son for decades when it comes to electrical repairs. No matter the size or scale of the issue, the electricians at C.M. Mose have the knowledge and experience to fix the problem. Read reviews from real customers, then call (816) 339-5190 or contact C.M. Mose and Son online to get those outlets repaired or replaced today.

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