The Sneaky Problem Of A Broken Thermostat

Thermostat and a hand using the keypad

Keeping your home cozy can be a hassle when you run into issues with your HVAC system. A broken furnace or AC can make getting the right temperature in your home quite challenging. However, sometimes homeowners can face an HVAC issue that they may overlook, and that is the annoyances that come with a faulty thermostat. Here are some of the signs that your thermostat might be broken!

HVAC System Not Powering On Or Off Properly

Having an HVAC system that does not turn on or off is always alarming as this can often be a sign of component malfunctions or, worse electrical issues that need extensive repairs. However, you got your HVAC serviced recently, so how can it possibly break so soon? In some cases, your HVAC system cycles improperly due to a broken thermostat!

Faulty thermostats can give homeowners false confirmation that their HVAC system has powered on or off, but in reality, the device failed to connect with the HVAC system properly. Another unfortunate side-effect of thermostat failure is that when you power your HVAC system on, it may not correctly shut down, leading to constantly running HVAC systems that run up your utility bills!

Uneven Temperatures

A big sign that your thermostat needs replacement is finding inconsistent temperatures across your home. While cold or hot spots can be a sign of issues with your HVAC system, faulty thermostats can also create erratic temperatures across the house. If you notice that rooms further away from your furnace or air conditioning unit seem to have more inconsistent temperatures, your thermostat may be broken.

Programmed Settings Forgotten

With a smart thermostat, homeowners can have preprogrammed energy-saving settings to help set temperatures over long periods. However, a good sign that your thermostat is on its way out is that your preprogrammed settings keep getting deleted from the device’s memory, forcing you to reenter your temperature settings constantly.

Reasons For Malfunctions

Thermostat malfunctions can be caused for various reasons, but some of the more common issues can be improper installation, degradation over time, or sometimes poor wiring that causes electrical problems. We should also mention that even poorly cleaned thermostats can face malfunctions, as dirt, dust, and grime can damage internal components.

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