Get your Wood Deck Ready for Summer

The weather in Kansas City has been flirting with us. One week-end it’s warm, the next, the possibility of snow is mentioned in the forecast. The saying, “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb” isn’t applicable for us this month.

Regardless of the weather, most people are gearing up for spring. That means Spring Cleaning both inside your home as well as outside. Carpets are being cleaned, as well as closets and drawers. Mulch is being laid and deck furniture and BBQ’s are being brought out in anticipation of relaxing cook-outs. Before you settle into your outdoor living, you need to take care of your wood deck and ready it for the next season of enjoyment.

Power wash the deck

If you don’t own a good power washer, Generac, the reliable company that is known for Residential and Commercial Generators also provides commercial and residential power washers. The One Wash Pressure Washer is an excellent choice due to the flexibility of PSI which ranges from 2000 to 3100. Always start the power washer away from windows and doors. Dont’ rush this step and make sure you clean the boards with an even spray and that dirt and grime is removed from every board on your deck.

Use wood cleaner

If you aren’t certain which cleaner to use, ask your local home and garden supply store. Make sure you read the label. Many wood cleaners use bleach or detergents as cleaning agents. Keep the wood wet as you use the product. After the wood is thoroughly clean, use your pressure washer to remove any lingering cleaners so the wood color remains as even as possible.

Make Deck repairs

Check all the boards on the deck. Nail or screw down boards that appear to be lifting and replace any warped or cracked boards. If your power washing had inadvertently raised a few splinters, sand them down to avoid splinters in bare feet later on.

Stain, seal or paint the deck

There are several options for staining and painting the deck. If your deck is in bad shape, you may want to consider a product on the market, from Behr, Deckover. This is a two-part process that is designed to cover splinters and cracks up to ¼” wide. There are other solid paints and stains or semi-transparent stains that allow for more of the wood grain to show through. If you use a paint, be sure to use painters tape to protect the exterior walls of your home if need be. A paint sprayer or paint roller extension pole can save you from getting down on your hands and knees.

Getting your deck ready for another season of use takes a little elbow grease. Purchasing a versatile One Wash power washer from Generac will help you with 2 steps in this yearly process and it can be used for other projects around your house.