Benefits of a Portable Generator

Getting your feet wet with a portable generator is a great entryway into back up power for your home or business. You may not have lost power very often over the years (or perhaps you have), and you know that with all the bad weather Kansas City has been having, and the fact that other large cities in the U.S. have lost power due to their aging power grids, you know it’s a matter of time until you are inconvenienced with the loss of power. Reason to consider a portable generator (besides convenience) is to sustain creature comforts, like your refrigerator or freezer working in a power loss or you or someone you live with is medically dependent on power 24/7. No matter what the reason, there are many benefits to owning a portable generator. One such benefit is it is an affordable way to ensure your home has access to power when you want it or when you need it!

How easy is it to operate a portable generator?

CM Mose and Son makes it very easy for you to own and operate a portable generator for your home. Unlike gasoline, propane is easy to store. Chances are you already own a propane grill. Most BBQ grill owners keep at least 1-2 extra steel containers of propane in their garages or sheds. You can’t do that with gas. The plastic gas containers that are so popular are dangerous and flammable to keep in areas that family and pets frequent. Another benefit is Propane has a longer shelf life than gas. If you own a propane grill, those steel containers now have multiple purposes! All of the portable generators from general are either carried by hand or come on wheels. Generac Portable generators are easy to start and run quietly. Models run from 3.5 hours up to 10 hours, depending on the number of circuits it runs.

How many circuits will a portable generator run?

The typical portable generator will run 10-12 circuits. If your home or business has a power outage, you can choose which appliances or systems you want to have access to during this time. Your CM Mose & Son installation technician will provide you with the most accurate information so you can choose the model of portable generator you need to keep the most important electrical systems running for you. The most convenient part of a portable generator is the flexibility. As long as you have propane on site, the circuits you choose to have running will stay running no matter how long the rest of your neighborhood is without power. Simply change the tank and you’re ready to go for another 3.5 to 10 hours.

Generac Portable Generator Transfer Switch

We recommend using a transfer switch with your portable generator. Take advantage of the benefit a transfer switch will give you to upgrade to a whole house propane or natural gas generator in the future. Many customers appreciate the security and comfort back up power can provide during a power outage. A transfer switch allows portable generator customers the ability to easily upgrade to a whole house generator. This backup system automatically starts and supports all the electrical systems that run your home. The transfer system is brand new, cutting-edge technology from Generac and is called ‘Home Link’ It is available to customers who want the dependability of Generac with the ease of upgrading from a portable generator to a permanent one.

If you want a back up power, but you’re not ready to purchase a whole house generator, we can help you choose the right portable generator for your home or business. With many benefits, such as flexibility, easy to use and safe, a portable generator can keep the lights on, the refrigerator running and the TV on until your power comes back on!

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