We Will Overcome: A Generator Installation in Kansas

At C.M. Mose & Son there is no hurdle or wall, too high for us! That was the case during a generator installation in Prairie Village, KS over the holidays. Our Generac team set an appointment with a homeowner whose home had been in his wife’s family for many, many years. As a grandfather, he wanted to make sure that when his grandkids were over to spend the night, they would always be safe and comfortable. He chose to have a 22kw generator installed ensuring his family would never be without power.

The Dingo Handled the Generator Installation Challenge!

The challenge with this installation is one of the very reasons why C.M. Mose & Son chose to invest in the Dingo. The Dingo is a versatile piece of equipment that operates as a forklift, a vertical lift loader, and digs trenches. For this installation, The Dingo was used to hoist the generator over the wall for installation on the other side. The Generator was placed on a cement slab, and electrical was installed.

For many homeowners or business owners, having control over the power supply is important. For others, it is a matter of life and death. Business owners realize that maintaining security and keeping the doors open during business hours means they must have consistent power all the time. Reliable backup power, in the event of a power outage from your electric company, takes the form of a Generac Generator. It is now January and Kansas City has had a few very uncomfortably cold days lately. We rely on our furnace to keep warm, and we rely on the power to run it. When not having power is not an option for you, have a right-sized Generac Generator installed at you home or business.

C.M. Mose & Son uses a computerized system from Generac to ensure you order the right-sized equipment for your needs. The Transfer Switch means that electricity to your home is always available. You won’t be able to tell that your electric company is no longer supplying power to your home and that your Generac Generator has switched on. You won’t find any flashing digital clocks in your house. In fact, most customers are not aware that backup power is in use.

Your Generac Generator performs a test each month to ensure a smooth transition when backup power is required. A Generac customer with C.M. Mose & Son told them that she had been cleaning and did not know that power had been lost until she went outside and noticed all of her neighbors were without power!

Control your Power- Control your Life with Generac

You don’t know when the power will go out or for how long. Don’t leave your access to electrical power to your utility company and the grid. Get an estimate and peace of mind with a Generac Generator today from C.M. Mose & Son.

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