Generac Generators can save Lives

You never realize how much you need electricity until you have to do without it. For healthy children and adults, the thought of not having power can be an inconvenience or a nuisance. But for many, having power and electricity can be a life or death situation.

Let us tell you a few Generac Generator stories…

CM Mose & Son installed a generator recently for a disabled veteran. He was completely physically challenged, unable to walk or care for himself without the aid of another individual. To assure he was more comfortable and could sleep without pain, he slept on an air bed. When the electricity to his home went out during a storm, his air mattress completely deflated confining his 250-pound body to the bottom of the bed. His caregiver, although helpful with most of his day-to-day tasks, could not lift him from this bed and this situation. The fire department had to be called for help. Having a generator will ensure that this veteran is never again in a position to be rescued from his bed. As soon as a power outage is indicated by a Generac Generator, the automatic transfer switch kicks on the backup generator power. With a whole home backup generator, most homeowners don’t even realize they are running all their electrical devices with their generator.

The following is a review from another CM Mose & Son Generac Generator customer:

It’s a funny story actually because a large part of the city was without power, and I didn’t even know it! I was finishing up some work in the kitchen and was on my way to the grocery store. I pushed the garage door button and was leaving when I noticed many of my neighbors had their garage doors up. As I was driving to the store, I noticed the power was out along the way. I was completely oblivious because the Generac Generator that I purchased from CM Mose started up without my even noticing it.

Power was out around the city for about an hour but not for me!

Do you need a generator? Is electricity a luxury or an absolute need?

Being able to clean your home, run your air conditioner or pool pump could be considered luxuries when your power goes out from your local provider. But for some, it could be a matter of health and safety.

Another Generator client needed to have electricity to power oxygen concentrators. Of course, this situation could be remedied by storing additional oxygen tanks at  home. However, when your power goes out do you ever never know when it will go back on?  When the need for electricity is a life or death situation, the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will never be without power is priceless.

Another generator customer decided to purchase a generator after her reclining chair was in the laying down position when her power went out. Friends needed to be called to help get her out of her chair safely.
There is the possibility that if you have a health issue that requires 24/7 electricity and the power goes out that you could get to a library. But what happens if the power goes out in the middle of the night? Where do you go to then?

Individuals with health challenges that require the need for electricity 24/7 need the peace of mind and the steady flow of electricity that only a generator can bring. CM Mose & Son trusts the Generac Generator to deliver a constant flow of electricity when you and the rest of your neighbors are without power.

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