Be Prepared with a Whole House Generator

We’ve all been there. The power goes out during a storm or a rolling blackout due to extreme heat, and you’re at the mercy of the power company. You have no idea how long it will last. With no power, hours could stretch into a day or two depending on the scope of the areas affected and the ability of the city’s electrical technicians to get to the problem. Of course, a power outage never happens at a convenient time either. Maybe you’re watching a movie, or perhaps you have a house full of guests, or you rely on power for the medication in your refrigerator or the life-saving medical equipment that needs power. No matter what the situation, a power outage is at the least a big inconvenience and, at the worst, can be an uncomfortable or dangerous situation. When you add a whole house generator to your home, you have peace of mind that consistent and reliable backup power will turn on – AUTOMATICALLY – when needed. You won’t have to do a thing. A whole house generator is exactly what it sounds like, a powerful unit that stands guard outside your home, ready to provide backup power to your entire home when an outage occurs.

How a Whole House Generator Works

Your whole house generator from Generac will go to work instantly when a power outage occurs, no matter what the cause. Connected directly to your existing home fuel supply, your power will be up and running in a matter of seconds. It does it by itself. You don’t have to press a button, use a remote, or even get up out of your seat. That means the air conditioning or heat, the TV, the refrigerator, and the Wi-Fi will continue to work. More importantly, life-saving devices like a CPAC machine will have power. Your security system will still protect your home. Expensive foods in the fridge or freezer won’t perish. And, of course, Netflix and Instagram will still be accessible. Life will continue seamlessly.

CM Mose & Son and Generac Keep the Power On

Generac Generators are the #1 selling brand of home backup generators. They are preferred by seven out of every ten homeowners who have invested in home backup power. CM Mose & Son is a top-rated Power Pro Premier Generac Dealer. This is the highest level rating offered by Generac. To meet the stringent requirement of being a premier dealer, CM Mose & Son has to ensure customers receive the best-in-class sales and service experience, employ a dedicated staff of power generation experts, provide 24/7 support, maintain market-appropriate parts inventory, and consistently receive high reviews from their customers. You won’t find a better combination in backup power. In Kansas City, Lake of the Ozarks, Jefferson City, and Columbia, CM Mose & Son is your reliable whole house generator installer and service provider. In addition, financing is available to qualified customers. Contact CM Mose & Son to discuss your backup power needs and never get left in the dark again.

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