‘Be Prepared’ and Buy a Generator

In today’s world of connectivity, there are a few constant expectations: we expect things to be quick, and we expect them always to work. Today, people go online to purchase just about anything from clothing to electronics and expect them to be delivered to the door within a few days. Additionally, we rely on things to be powered by electricity. From televisions to basic needs such as lighting, people rely on electricity to do just about everything in their homes.

That is why inclement weather, specifically in the winter, can be frightening to some people. Whether your power is out for a few hours due to a thunderstorm or out for weeks due to a blizzard, people want it back up as soon as possible. Generators provide their owners with an insurance policy against the unforeseen. Of course, you never know when and how long your power is going to be out. But you do know one thing: it never goes off at a time that is convenient for you. That is why you should follow the old Boy Scout motto and “be prepared.” Control your power and control your life by getting a Generac Generator installed today.

People expect the things they buy to show up to their door in just a few days. However, generators can take up to six weeks in the heart of winter to get installed. And that’s not because they cannot be installed in bad weather because they can! It is mainly due to supply and demand. “Be prepared” and schedule an installation now before the big storm hits and you lose power when you need it the most. Generator installation by the professionals at CM Mose & Son. Whatever the weather, they’ll be there to protect your home from a power outage with a Generac Generator.

Why should you buy a generator?

Being without power for two hours or two days can be a hassle. For some, it can be life-threatening. You never know how long your power will be out for. If it is a widespread outage, it will take longer than usual to get your power back up. A generator will give you peace of mind that no matter what, your family is protected. For example, if your home is without power for two weeks during winter break for your children, you’re still going to need to go to work. However, do you want your children stuck at home without power or heat? Of course not.

You also want to protect people in your family that don’t necessarily live in your home. Think of your parents that may be retired and stay at home during the day. Being without power or heat during the winter can be dangerous for their health, especially if they rely on equipment that requires electricity or medication that requires to be kept at a certain temperature. A power failure could be catastrophic for their health. A generator is something that can protect them in bad weather and give you peace of mind.

One more thing you should take into consideration is your budget. With a purchase like a generator, you may want to plan your finances and understand all of your options. We suggest you budget out this installation. A good idea is to start an account at a local bank to begin to save your money for a planned generator purchase. As Dave Ramsey says, “don’t go into debt to pay for something, start saving now.”

We supply, install, repair and maintain Generac Generator brand of reliable whole house backup power, so you have it when you need it. Call or contact us today at (816) 339-5190 for an estimate on a generator for your home or business today. Also, check out our Generator FAQ on our website if you have any other questions about generators and how they work.

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